About Us

Who We Are

Heaven on Earth Herbals is a herbal health business encompassing consultations, education, herbal dispensary and herbal products.

We are currently based in Frome, Somerset.

The business was set up by Caroline Evans ND MH, Herbalist, Naturopath and Nutrition Consultant, to produce potent herbs to assist her patients to achieve optimum health and a greater state of health awareness both physically and mentally.

Caroline’s work with clients has proved to her how unique we are and how important it is to work with people individually to obtain optimum health.

Caroline chose to do this by setting about growing over 20,000 herbs in a small village in the mediterranean to learn about the herbs, how they interacted with their environment. With her new herbal practical knowledge, she went about training as a professional herbalist and travelled to London, UK every month for 5 years, where she put all her learned knowledge directly into practice at the herb garden.

Caroline believes this gives her an edge and deeper understanding, whereby she understands the herb not just from a chemical constituent basis but from directly interacting with its plant spirit, spending time growing the herbs and medicine making.

A Brief History

Heaven on Earth Herbals began life nearly 20 years ago on the island of Cyprus where Caroline with the help of some friends set about cleaning, clearing and preparing the soil for what was to become the home of the herb garden. With a 300 cyprus pound loan from her mother she was able to secure the land and old school house from the village committee of Pano Akourdaelia. There she built a traditional coffee shop with a herbal twist serving gluten free and vegan cakes; a fully functioning apothecary with drying racks; herbal shop stocked with remedies; an essential oil distillation section compete with a 1000 litre distiller and a beautiful garden complete with propagation area….literally a Heaven on Earth.
Later with the introduction of the regular organic farmers markets, the herb garden not only became a well known herbal pharmacy for all your health needs but also the place to stock up on your local homemade homegrown organic produce. 
Caroline was recognised in 2014 for her work and commitment, protection and conservation to the environment and the local culture. She was nominated and acknowledged as business woman of the year in 2015 and 2016 and as a Notable Woman in Cyprus in 2016 as well as being nominated as the Cyprus Herb Society president in 2017. She pioneered the growth of organic herb farming and natural healthcare in Cyprus. Her greatest achievement to date is helping thousands of people gain control over their own healthcare.

What We Do

Now we have returned to the UK and, while we no longer have gardens open to the public, we continue to produce and source the highest quality sustainable herbs for health. We still collect, harvest and hand-pick some of our herbal friends as ingredients to our health formulas, preserving the tradition in herbal medicine.

We stock herbal tonics, teas, blends, essential oils, creams, balms, local honey and herb salt, all designed to bring a greater balance into your being. 

.Everything is bottled, brewed, distilled and blended with your health in mind. Still working like she did with her open apothecary, herbs are now bought online and posted directly to your door. If you have any herbal queries, Caroline is always at hand to help in any way she can.

Caroline works as a guide, showing people how to take care of themselves and how ailments can be improved with herbs, good nutrition and lifestyle changes.  With the use of iridology, amongst other tools, Caroline shows how the individual expresses their levels of wellness in differing ways and shows people how to listen to and understand their body and its many signs as a means of preventing illness. 

Full health consultations as well as short community clinic questions can be booked online. We look forward to helping you to heal yourself!

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