Cold Sores ~Herpes Simplex~

‘Herpes’ comes from the Greek word herpein meaning ‘to creep’. Herpes is a recurrent viral infection of the skin characterized by single or multiple clusters of small vesicles frequently occurring on the mouth (herpes gingivostomatitis), lips (herpes labialis), genitals (herpes genitalis) and conjunctive and cornea (herpes keratoconjunctivitis) amongst others. These small blister type spots can …

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Osteoporosis – brittle bone disease

-Osteoporosis- Brittle Bone Disease Osteoporosis literally means ‘porous bones’. Translated from the Greek ‘osteon’, bone; ‘poros’, passage and ‘osis’, condition. It is characterized as a disorder of ‘abnormal rarefaction of bone’, occurring mostly in postmenopausal women, in sedentary, immobilized individuals and in patients on long-term steroid medications. Our bones are made of a thick outer …

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