Caroline Evans ND, MH, MAMH, MBANT, BA (Hons)

Feeling overwhelmed and in need of help and support to find your way to health? Sometimes there is so much going on, we simply, do not know where to begin with unravelling what feels like a mammoth task to bring ourselves back into balance. This is where you can benefit from working with a natural health professional, a guide, someone to walk with you through all the confusing symptoms and guide you back to health.

One such guide is Caroline Evans, with over 25 years within the natural health field. She is a trained Master Herbalist, Naturopath, Nutrition Consultant, Holistic and Behavioural Iridologist.

A full health consultation with Caroline involves developing a focussed framework to help you transform and heal. Using her skills and experience in herbal medicine, naturopathy and nutrition, she will put together a tailor-made plan, made just for you. Perhaps you’ve heard the old adage of peeling the layers of an onion, well this is what will happen with the layers of symptoms that are presented in Caroline’s clinic.

Caroline is well trained in seeing the connections between symptom manifestation, their physical, mental and emotional origins and the root cause of any dis-ease in the body. She works by unravelling the layers, bringing you back into symptom less health-filled balance.

She believes strongly, “Your health is your greatest wealth” and educates and guides her patients to achieve this.

Praise for Caroline from some of her many satisfied customers

Clients who have worked with Caroline have found that they:

As Thomas Edison said in 1902:

 “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest their patients in the care of the human frame, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Consultation Types

Caroline sees patients in person and online via Skype or Zoom.
Fees include preparation times and follow up research necessary. Contact for IN PERSON consultations.
The all QUICK CHECK-IN COMMUNITY CLINIC sessions allow access to everyone. Herbal formula are not included in the consultation price, tyhis is just for the time. The average price for herbs based on a monthly prescription is 50 pounds. If you need help, we can arrange payment plans.

Initial Consultation

(Duration 90-120minutes)
£ 140
per appointment
  • Full Medical History
  • Health Targets Set
  • Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Individualised treatment protocol

Follow Up Consultation

(Duration 45-60minutes)
£ 80
per appointment
  • Progress assessed
  • Individual Protocol tweaked
  • Further Health Concerns
  • Essential Support System

Quick Check-in Clinic

(Duration 30 Minutes)
£ 49 per online/telephone session
  • Affordable Quick questions
  • Useful for patient emergency check-ins
  • Half an hour session in brief
  • Not suitable for more indepth cases

Frequently Asked Questions

A master herbalist comes from a long line of herbalists who are connected to and understand natures plant medicines. As well as herbs, master herbalists are well versed in nutrition, naturopathic principles and educate their patients in healthy lifestyle choices that enable the herbs and treatments to be even more effective. A herbalist is someone who is trained to use, prescribe and administer herbs as a method of treatment in order to effect changes on a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. A herbalist is also trained to know when and when not to use herbs for certain individuals and takes great care when prescribing herbs to patients already taking pharmaceuticals and supplements.

A Nutrition Consultant is someone who is trained to know about food and healthy eating habits and how these can be utilised to obtain optimum health and wellness. A nutrition consultant continues to educate themselves through professional development requirements as to the up-to-date research on nutrients and how they are assimilated by and assist the body in bringing back balance.

A naturopath is someone who utilises the wisdom of nature combined with scientific research to help patients to deal with acute and chronic conditions. Based on the practice of the Hippocratic Oath which includes physician as teacher, to do no harm to one’s patients, nor give poisons, a naturopath practices with these guiding principles. Using a number of tools such as hydrotherapy, iridology, detoxification and cleansing, naturopathic principles are based on the use of nature’s cures to assist the body’s innate healing abilities.

Oftentimes the layers of dis-harmony can build up and before we know it, we have this symptom and that and we feel pretty rough and out of whack. What is offered for you here is a way through the quagmire, a way to help you get back into a healthy state, to understand why these symptoms manifest and most importantly, to reduce them and where possible irradicate them and gain control over your health using all-natural methods of healing such as food and herbs.

A full health consultation involves developing a focussed framework to help you transform and heal. Using all her skills and experience in herbal medicine, naturopathy and nutrition, she will put together a tailor-made plan, made just for you. Perhaps you’ve heard the old adage of peeling the layers of an onion, well this is what we do with the layers of symptoms that people present with in clinic to bring you back into symptom less health-filled balance.


A consultation with Caroline, is like having a personal guide who will walk with you on the path to wellness. You will learn through experience how the body is connected and will become empowered to heal yourself. By following the guidance, you can do away with repetitive pharmaceutical prescriptions and regain balance with herbs and with food. An example of this is hormonal balance which Caroline has extensive experience helping many patients with such symptoms. Patients have found that when changing certain foods and in-taking certain herbs, horrendous hormonal fluctuations disappear and a long sought after healthy balanced state is achieved. Caroline will show you the way to a better, healthier you, one which after some time you will no longer need Caroline to guide you in, because you will become your own best guide.

Caroline is a qualified herbalist, naturopath, nutrition consultant and iridologist and also has a degree in Psychology. She is a member of the Association of Master Herbalists, British Applied Nutritional Therapists, and the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners with A herbalist is someone trained to use, prescribe, and administer herbs as methods of treatment in order to affect changes in a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. A herbalist is trained to know when to use and when not to use herbs. Herbalists take great care in prescribing herbs to patients already taking pharmaceuticals and supplements. Through the use of herbs, herbalist’s can support the patient’s body to became stronger and enhance their own natural healing process.

A nutrition consultant is someone who is trained in the understanding of food and healthy eating habits and how these can be utilised by the body to obtain optimum health and wellness. This helps you by understanding the exact foods that will benefit you and your constitution, reduce symptoms and slow any disease progression.

A Naturopath is someone who practices medicine according to the Hippocratic oath by educating their patient in the care of their human frame through food and a number of cleansing lifestyle techniques such as hydrotherapy, and detoxification.

An iridologist is someone who uses the markings in the irises as diagnostic tools showing someone’s strengths and weaknesses. This is used as a marker for future disease progression which enables us to “see things coming” and act accordingly to prevent diseases manifestation. Her psychology degree assists Caroline in acknowledging and assisting deep emotional healing in her patients. In clinic Caroline encompasses all of her skills when working 1:1.

Leading up to the consultation you will be sent a food diary to complete and send back before you come.

During the consultation you will be asked a series of questions on your medical history, lifestyle and diet to decipher which path to healing we will take.

Caroline uses eclectic analysis methods to ascertain links between causal issues and their symptomatic expression.  Using tools such as face and tongue analysis as well as iridology (in person unless you can send through photos of your iris) will be given. These help Caroline to discover links between physiological conditions, for example, a crack in the tongue or a line directly between the eyebrows can denote absorption issues therefore prompting a treatment protocol to stimulate digestive enzymes.

Iridology readings can show causal weaknesses as well as a person’s strengths which give us markers for a successful treatment protocol.

We will look at your diet and lifestyle to see how this impacts your health as well as provide supportive herbs to bring about balance. A plan of progress will be mapped out and presented to you.  

Subsequent follow ups enable us to review our progress and make any necessary amendments and supportive treatments to your health plan.

It really is case specific, which means it depends on the layers of unravelling to be done. Having said that, one can expect to start to feel better within the first month. Generally patients will have a follow up 3-4 weeks after the first consultation followed by further follow ups every 4-8 weeks after that, depending on how they get on. It is all very case specific. Some patients will book in once every 6 months, others monthly, others just when they need, like you would see your doctor when something comes up and needs addressing.

Caroline has a sliding scale for first consultations between £90-120 for a minimum of 90 minutes. The general rule is if you are earning over £20,000 a year then you can probably afford the full amount. We have to create a trust base which is imperative for our healthy working relationship.

Potent herbal remedies made on site to ensure maximum results from my apothecary are sold at a discounted patient rate, a month’s supply being roughly £50.

Follow up sessions are priced at £60 per 45-60 minutes session.

Monthly payment plan options are available on request if need be.

Caroline is also creating other ways to get the help you need especially if finances are an issue, these include, courses, Q&A webinars and more are available, just email for full details

Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth!

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