Menopause – ‘The Dreaded Change’

Menopause – ‘The Dreaded Change’–

Some women speak of ‘the menopause’ with a worried tone laced in dread of the hot flushes, uncontrollable mood swings and dwindling sexual desires. This is the most ominous moment is a woman’s life, the defining inevitability that comes with being a woman. At some stage, the menopause will present itself in every woman’s life, although the extent to which the symptoms are pronounced or not is not so inevitable. Some women simply embrace ‘the change’ with a smile, heralding the glamourous occasion of this time.

Menopause is the total conclusion of the reproductive life and menstrual cycle of a woman usually occurring between the ages of 45-55 years old. The ovaries production of oestrogen and progesterone greatly decreases at this time. Ovulation fails to continue and normal hormonal activity wanes, periods may stop gradually, suddenly or become scantier. The whole process can occur suddenly or take several months for ‘the change’ to occur and lasts approximately 4 years.

Signs & Symptoms

The first phase of menopause, sometimes called ‘perimenopause’ occurs with the fluctuation of oestrogen levels sometimes as early as 35 years old. Common perimenopausal symptoms include erratic periods, both in terms of length and amount of flow, breast tenderness, headaches, food cravings, irritability, forgetfulness and mood swings. Most women will perceive this as a bad case of PMT and if you have always suffered bad premenstrual tension, you may actually be experiencing perimenopause. The symptoms of menopause may not all be present at once but can include the following: hot flushes, weight gain, depression, urinary frequency, headaches, backache, painful breasts, vaginal discomfort, lack of sleep or concentration, irritability, tearfulness, and poor or absent sexual response. The important thing for every woman to bear in mind is to anticipate menopause as a natural event and to prepare for menopause through natural nutrition, herbs, supplements and exercise to ensure an easy passage through the inevitable ‘change’.

Sometimes women will experience early menopause often caused by a severe shock to the system. Such causative factors for early menopause include death of a loved one, a life threatening incident or illness, sudden shocking life change or event and drugs such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Such causative factors may completely stop a woman’s periods, whereby the woman believes menopause has simply happened over night, however the symptoms of menopause may manifest much later on.


Orthodox medical treatment involves Hormone Replacement Drugs (HRT) working on the notion that oestrogen is thought to help slow down the development of osteoporosis and reduce a woman’s risk for heart disease and heart attacks.. A most controversial drug treatment, HRT is prescribed for the symptoms of menopause in most cases. Tranquilizers, antidepressants and sleeping pills are also prescribed for specific menopausal symptoms. All of which have their own attendant side effects. The different hormone replacement drugs include: Estradiol (DepGynogen) which adds oestrogen when the body stops

Naturopathic Nutrition Treatment

Weight management and exercise are key components in helping to manage PCOS. Most PCOS sufferers are overweight or obese. Research suggests that even a 10% loss in body weight can restore a normal regular menstrual cycle. Sugar intake is directly linked to hormonal problems and insulin resistance in women; both factors play a huge role in the development of polycystic ovaries. Therefore a diet low in refined sugars, processed foods and saturated fats is essential. A diet high in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean white meats will lower blood sugar (glucose) levels, improve the body’s use of insulin and normalize hormone levels in the body.

Nutritional supplementation and herbal remedies have proven extremely effective in the treatment of PCOS resulting in pregnancy in previously deemed infertile women. Female hormone balancers such as vitex agnus castus have proved most effective in achieving long-term hormonal equilibrium. Minerals to alleviate cysts and womb cleansing herbs such as uva ursi have also proven incredibly effective in clinical trials. All of the above herbs and minerals are available from Heaven on Earth Herbals. A full body detoxification to be supervised by a health practitioner is highly recommended to clear stagnation and balance blood sugar levels and hormones.

With lifestyle changes, exercise, herbs and nutritional supplementation, PCOS can easily be maintained and even reversed in some cases. Supervision by a health practitioner is essential. For more information on treatments, nutrition consultations and product information contact +357 9999 3412 or email

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Article written by Caroline Evans

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