Adrenal Support Herbal Tonic

Acts as a rescue remedy for prolonged periods of stress. Getting you through the difficult times!!!


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Product Description

Can help with deep adrenal support.

Helps the body repair from prolonged periods of fight or flight mode.

Can assist with detremental effects of anxiety and stress.

Getting you through the difficult times!!

I’ve had personal help with this lovely blend.  When, more than once, I had reached my stress limit and literally burned out, this remedy helped to pick up the pieces and nourished me back together again.

Fabulous formula.

Additional Information

Weight120 g
Dimensions4.4 × 4.4 × 12 cm


Contains: glychrriza glabra, hydrocotyle asciatica and withania somnifera


Do not exceed dose with high blood pressure. Add 1 teaspoon to a small glass of hot water, cool and drink 2-4x daily.

2 reviews for Adrenal Support Herbal Tonic

  1. Cathy Henley

    This product saved my son!! Hugely stressed in a demanding job in Hong Kong. He was a total cynic about “such things”!

  2. Alex

    I took adrenal boost tonic 2 days before my exams. Usually I am very stressed but with the tonic I was so calm and did really well in the exam too!! IT worked instantly and relaxed me.

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