Allergies Formula

Useful for hayfever, rhinitis and sinusitis


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Used to clear sinuses and refuce congestion caused by seasonal allergies such as pollen.

A natural antihistamine.

Very good for hayfever, rhinitis and sinusitis

Additional Information

Weight50 g


Contains: sambucco, urtica, mentha, euphrasia, lobelia, plantago


Add 1 heaped teaspoon to a tea bomb or several spoons for a pot. Pour over off the boil hot water, pop the lid or a saucer on and leave to sit for five minutes before you strain and drink. Can add honey or a squeeze of lemon if desired. Drink 3-5 cups daily when needed.

2 reviews for Allergies Formula

  1. Yana

    Your anti allergies tea helped me with arthrosis inflammation in 2 weeks!

  2. Evey

    Had a lot of swelling in my hand from an insect bite, felt very tight, was advised 4x cups of allergy tea, amazing! Tightness improved after 2nd cup, hand back to normal next day.

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