Boost Your Immune System in 5 Days Online Course



Product Description

You will learn :

  • about your immune system and what is natural immunity
  • which herbs can help your immunity and how you can use them
  • what foods can heal and what foods can harm your immune system
  • my supplement protocol for dealing with modern illnesses
  • other factors that enhance natural immunity
  • how to make simple home remedies for the whole family just from your kitchen cupboard

The course is run via Zoom on five consecutive dates and consists of a 45 minute live and interactive video presentation each day.

The course is run by Caroline Evans ND MH Master Herbalist, Naturopath, Nutrition Consultant.


Recipes, Knowledge, Herbs, Food, Supplement protocol and more


Taken daily for 1 hour between the hours of 11am-12pm GMT. 3rd-7th OCTOBER 2022


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