Comfrey Cream

Fractures, breaks, sprains, arthritis


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Product Description

Known as knitbone for bone fractures, connective tissue issues and sprains.

Literally helps to meld it all back togther again.

Additional Information

Weight30 g


Contains: Symphytum officinalis, vitamin E, cera, shea


Apply liberally to affected area, especially to sprains, injuries and arthritic joints. Great combined with BFC powder and uric acid tonic and tea. Contact us for long term arthritis management.

3 reviews for Comfrey Cream

  1. Sheila Wells

    Comfrey cream great for bone, joint pain.

  2. Stuart

    Comfrey creams sorted out my mum’s sharp pain in her lower leg – she had the pain for 8 months. Within 1 ½ days of using the cream, the pain had gone!!

  3. Sheila Wells

    Can thoroughly recommend comfrey cream for rheumatic type pain in hands and knees.

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