Haemorrhoid Ointment

Assists in remedying the effects of haemorrhoids


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Product Description

Helps to combat the irritating condition of haemorrhoids.

This blend is specifically formulated to soothe irritation and painful passing of stools caused by haemorrhoids.

Calms inflammation and assists connective tissue regeneration.

Additional Information

Weight30 g


Contains: aesculus, pelagonium, populus, arnica, symphytum, hamamelis


Apply liberally to affected area, especially before bed time. Has been known to make a rather useful under eye treatment too, there is always an upside to such a painful condition as this haemorrhoid ointment will really help alleviate the haemorrhoids if you are persistent with regular applications. Great combined with constipation tea blend and LB tonic, contact us for more advice and especially if pregnant and breast feeding.


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