Healing Balm

Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin


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Product Description

I first discovered this formula when I was 17 training in aromatherapy.

Such an amazing healer – it cured my eczema all those moons ago.

Highly recommended.

Additional Information

Weight50 g


Contains: Vitamin E, shea, cera alba, chamomilla, quidem, dalbergia


Apply directly to skin with eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis as often as you like.

6 reviews for Healing Balm

  1. Jane Preston

    The healing balm is fantastic. It’s the only cream that has ever been able to clear my eczema.

  2. Verena

    This helps with coin shaped eczema by reducing the itching. Very good to heal dermatitis too.

  3. Savvas

    I have tried the healing balm on my hands with dry skin/ezcema and found it wonderful!

  4. Christina Wymant

    I have eczema on my hands and tried the cream. What a difference a few dabs a day makes. I am very pleased at the results.

  5. Costas Constandinou

    The healing balm is so fantastic, it’s brilliant even after 3 months, its working so well. I had eczema on my face, eyebrows, chin and forehead and it gets so itchy and red. The cream (healing balm) is so soothing and within 5 minutes there is no itching or redness, its totally cleared up!!

  6. Sally Williams

    Healing balm! Fantastic for scar tissue. All I can say is keep making it.

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