Male Hormone Tonic

Male hormone support


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Product Description

Balances male hormones.

Acts as a urinary antiseptic and prostate nutrient.

Useful for benign enlargement of the prostate gland, absence of sex drive, painful urination, prostatis and impotence

Additional Information

Weight120 g
Dimensions4.4 × 4.4 × 12 cm


Contains male hormone balancing herbs


Add 1 teaspoon to a small glass of hot water, cool and drink 2x daily.

3 reviews for Male Hormone Tonic

  1. Antonis Lefteri

    Male Hormone tonic – Fantastic product for enhancing your natural testosterone, or just bringing it up to normal levels (for all you gym freaks). Thanks Caroline

  2. Bill Herring

    Male hormone balancer to help prostate problems. Works a treat! Being able to sleep all night now, not having to get up!

  3. Anna Antonious

    My grandad has a prostate problem and Caroline really helped with her Male Hormone tonic. It really works, I’m getting it for him all the time now. Thank you! God bless you!

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