Perimenopause, finding the way through

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Having worked with menopausal and perimenopausal women for years and having been asked dozens of times to put a course together covering all a woman can do to ease her way through the quagmire of symptoms. Finally after reaching this stage in my life I feel I am qualified to teach on this subject, so here goes.

You Will Learn:

  • how the hormonal cycle of of woman works and what perimenopause means
  • which herbs can help your to negotiate this stage in your life
  • what foods can help your body to adapt to the changes it will undergo
  • which supplements are necessary to get you through this time
  • what is beyond this phase and how to safely navigate your way there intact

The course is run via Zoom on 3 days over 3 weeks and consists of a 45-60 minute live and interactive video presentation each day with Q&A.

The course is run by Caroline Evans ND MH Master Herbalist, Naturopath, Nutrition Consultant.

Who Is This Course For?

Those of you that want to be more independent and be in control of your own health. For those of you that need support and wish to navigate this journey naturally, with joy and ease. For those of you who wish to understand the way into menopause and what it means to reach the other side. For those of you who need helps coping with the day-to-day changes that your body is undergoing with the support of natural remedies.

This course consists of 3x 45-60 minute live lectures and interactive workshop set over 5 weeks.

Participants will have access to:

  • Private Group
  • Question & Answers sessions with herbalist
  • Chance to win a HOTSPOT session mini consultation

When is it?

To be arranged. Register your interest. Can accept payment plan, with deposit paid on booking, second payment before the course and final during the course.





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