Supreme Liver Conditioner

liver support. Enhances detoxification pathways


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Product Description

Supreme liver conditioner effectively combats sluggish liver states.

Assist liver detoxification pathways and fatty liver states.

Can assist in dislodging liver and gallbladder stones.

Additional Information

Weight120 g
Dimensions4.4 × 4.4 × 12 cm


Contains liver tonifying and supportive herbs


Add 1 teaspoon to a small glass of hot water, cool and drink 3x daily before food.

2 reviews for Supreme Liver Conditioner

  1. Peter Williams

    Had a diabetic sugar test which came out normal. Convinced its Caroline’s liver tonic working for me.

  2. PeteW

    Caroline’s Liver Tonic is certainly keeping my diabetes at bay. My HbA1c readings used to be above 50 but have now come down to 41 so I’m now pre-diabetic which is great. I put it down to controlling my eating and the Liver Tonic which I’ve been taking regularly for about 8 years. It has certainly worked for me.

    • Caroline Evans

      So pleased to hear this Pete! Thanks for letting us know how well the herbs are working for you.

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