Spring Cleaning – It’s Time to Detox!

Spring is beginning again. Nature is as its best – with the buds of the new starting to bloom with fresh vigor. A time also to begin putting away our heavy winter coats in exchange for our lighter more summery clothes. The same can be said about the body – it’s time to start looking at releasing the old heavier selves in exchange for a fresh lighter state of being in time for summer. This can be done through detoxification.

Cleansing and detoxing the bowels, kidneys, liver and gall bladder is essential to prevent the build up of toxins in these organs. Blockages and the build-up of stones in our systems are as a result of caffeine, alcohol, too many dairy products, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, sugars, fats and even stress. If the stones are left they will grow in size eventually causing major problems to our digestive systems and adversely affecting other organs to the extent of possible organ removal, a route best avoided.

Any form of organ cleansing involves a change in lifestyle for a short period of time with the intention of changing some of our more detrimental habits for good. The first thing to do is to introduce more water into the system. This can be done either through hot water (cooled to drinking temperature), room temperature water or through the use of herbal teas. Cold water shocks the kidneys and strains the entire urinary tract. Certain herbs can be beneficial in breaking down stones, flushing the system of toxins and alleviating the body of potentially harmful deposits. For information on herbal detoxification blends contact us below.

The scary thing is that over 85% of the population does not understand the health benefits of detoxification and organ cleansing. Some of these include:

  • increased energy
  • better digestive function
  • healthier hair, skin and nails
  • increased immunity to virus’ like colds and flu
  • removal of some disease symptoms

Detoxes and cleanses have been performed for eons….look at the Christian practice of Lent or the Muslim practice of Ramadan….these religious practices involve the giving up of something for a certain period of time. With these in mind let’s look at how you can perform a quick modern day detox…

Let’s begin with an easy 3 day detox, for this period:

3 Day Detox

As you awaken each morning say to yourself ‘today is a good day!’ and ‘my health is my greatest wealth’ (more than half the battle of giving up things is through retraining the mind)

Every morning drink 2 glasses of water before anything else, preferably add fresh lemon juice and slices and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper

Start with just fruit for breakfast

Drink 2 litre’ of water daily – either at room temperature or warm (never cold!-it is a shock to the system and damages the organs)

Eat an abundance of vegetables especially the dark green leafy variety (spinach, kale, swiss chard, celery, dark leafed lettuces, purslane, and rocket)

Avoid all red meat – pork, beef, lamb, mutton etc…

Avoid sugars and sweets (if the cravings are too much have a little honey, although certain nutritional supplements can address this craving effectively)

Avoid dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt (if this is too difficult have only goats and sheep products)

Limit use of fats preferably avoiding oils, butters, ice-creams, chocolate

Avoid alcohol (its only 3 days!!)

Avoid caffeine – coffee, tea, soft drinks (again only 3 days and the benefits of a clear head will be felt after the 2nd day)

Eat beans, pulses and lentils (these are slow burning foods which provide long lasting energy levels throughout the day, preferably eat for lunch)

Avoid all wheat based products such as breads and pastas (always check the labels for all ingredients)

Start to incorporate nuts and seeds into your diet – sunflower, pumpkin seeds (unsalted), hulled hemp and flax seeds (linseeds)

Incorporate some daily exercise such as walking for at least 30mins or enroll yourself in a local yoga or dance class. Exercise stimulates the circulation and encourages the lymphatic system to further break down and release toxins.

Avoid eating after 9pm

Drink a glass or hot water (cooled to drinking temperature) with lemon slices before bed.

See how you feel and if you can manage it continue for another 3 days or up to 3 weeks.

A Fresh Start

If you notice the health benefits try to incorporate this into your daily life such as a day a week. The practices outlined above are based on the Naturopathic principles of using nature’s medicines in the form of natural nutrition to obtain and sustain optimum health.

Individual organ cleanses should be performed but the above guidelines are a general introduction into natural health.

If you have a skin brush, daily skin brushing will also greatly assist the detoxification process. Some people may experience headaches due to the toxicity in their systems but this should pass after the second day. As a rule when detoxifying we may feel rough until toxins are passed through our kidneys, so hang in there and get drinking more fluids.

Do not attempt any form of detoxification without first consulting a qualified health practitioner if you suffer a heart condition, have diabetes, any kidney or liver disorder, hypertension or are pregnant.

Always remember:

Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth


©Article written by Caroline Evans ND of Heaven On Earth Herbals™

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