Carol Beadle

Beautiful products – recommend the facial oil and creams

Elena Chileti

Excellent Job! Everything is made with love and caring. Compliments!

Sam Z

Have bought herbal teas from this apothecary before – and now! Always work wonders and definitely recommend you follow Caroline’s advice.


Thank you Caroline. I admire you! Keep doing your mission. I like your sense of humour. Everytime I see you it gives me power to follow my dreams!

Maria Fragogianni

May God have you well cos you have the best pharmacy for our wellbeing

Patricia Raymand

Liver function very poor after visit in March 2015, treatment recommended, blood tests in July, completely recovered now. Oct 2015

Joyce Hawley

Really brilliant diagnosis of my sore hand and herbal remedy worked in 2 days. Will come back to you with anything else that bothers me before going to the doctor.

Mark Siegal

Thank you Caroline for your recommendations in reducing my cholesterol. I do not need statins anymore.

Brian and Lorraine Toner

Following Caroline’s advice. Taking products coupled with a move to a low carb diet, our health has improved immensly and both feel great!

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