Anne Allen

I am a headteacher of a large primary school in outer London, England. I first met Caroline in August 2012 when I went on a spa retreat for a week following a year and a half of ill health. During the week my yoga teacher recommended I visit Heaven on Earth. I have been an asthmatic all my life and in Spring 2011, I was diagnosed with Bronchietasis following a year of a constant cough and several chest infections. Therefore I now have permanent lung damage. Due to the lower part of my lungs being damaged I had a constant build up of fluid which invariably could not be dispersed and caused one chest infection after another. I went to see Caroline, who has treated me ever since. I use the lung tinctures on a daily basis that Caroline makes for me and I can honestly say she has given me back my health. My chest is much clearer, I am not coughing up mucus every five minutes and my lung capacity has improved dramatically. I cannot thank Caroline enough for what she has done for me that any amount of conventional treatment and medicine has not achieved.

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