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Welcome to the Build Your Herbal Medicine Chest membership course and thank you for joining.

Over the next year, I will be taking you on a journey through the wild herbs of Britain.  These are plants that grow abundantly,  which you can find growing anywhere from local woodland to your own back garden!

In the days before the pharmaceutical industry, these wild plants and their uses were well known by almost everyone. But a concerted effort by those with vested interest in pharmaceuticals to brand them as “old wives’ tales” led to herbal remedies being largely abandoned.  So the wisdom was no longer passed on through the generations, save for a few wise woman (and men) who retained their trust in nature and preserved the knowledge for us all.

Now a yearning to return to simpler, more natural times is leading more people to rediscover the healing properties of the precious plants that have been maligned as “just weeds” for several generations.

Every month I will introduce you to 1-2 plants as they come into season.  You’ll discover that something you’ve walked by a thousand times – or been pulling out of your garden for years  – actually has powerful abilities to help with common ailments that may have been troubling you or your family.

For each herb, there will be a foraging workbook giving you important information on where to find it, how to safely identify it, how to harvest it (and which part) and what it can be used for.  Accompanying the workbook will be short videos to reinforce the wisdom of the book.  A second workbook explains the medicinal uses of the plant, again with videos to explain further. Finally, there will be a recipe book, containing several recipes to create your own herbal remedies – and some culinary uses too and follow along videos.

I hope you will enjoy the journey and build your herbal medicine chest along the way so that you and your family can reduce their dependence on pharmaceuticals and enjoy a healthier, more natural way of life.

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